I wanted to share two very lovely books I bought last week. I am a bit of a book fiend epsecially for those with lovely pictures in them as these do. They are packed with gorgeous staged photographs of lingerie.

The first is an incrediable book, that i just could not believe I had not known about before. It’s called ‘Contemporary Lingerie Design’ by Katie Dominy.


Its an incredable book with interviews with 30 lingerie designers. I will be adding some of the websites as links later as there are some inspiring and beautiful garments to be seen. It was a great afternoon last week searching through them.

These are just a sample of those I just loved…


Miss Lala Presents




Chantal Thomass


Inspiration page for ‘Gentry de Paris’

The other pocket size lingerie book is called ‘A Passion For Lingerie‘ by Jo Granville-Blackburn.


It is very much vintage inspired and my favourite page is this one, some vintage silk knickers with a pocket on them.




I think in an ideal world I would build an extention to the back of my little cottage and have a room with just a huge table in it so I could have all my coffee table books out to look at.

Hannah x

Here is my sample made with this late 1880s  pattern by Truly Victorian

blog 026

Made in black coutil with a 12″ busk it has come out really well.

blog 028

I trimmed the front with some black rose lace edging.

blog 030

Eyelets and a laced fastening at the back.

blog 034

It has been quite a while since i have made a corset and i feel a bit hooked. I think i will make a floral one next.

This is a sample for my 5 week Corstry Course starting in May. Have a look over on my blog for details.

In and up is the only way to go!

Hannah x

pic 16

I altered the pattern slightly adding tuck pleats into the front and lace applique edging.

pic 14

pic 15

I am not entirely happy with the lace applique, i stitched it by hand and struggled to get it looking paralel as it was vintage lace which was not left side right side lace, so it was not possible to make it  symetrical.

pic 18

Each seam was made as a french seam as the silk frayed alot and it was the neatest  finish.

pic 19

pic 17

I have not quite finished and still have straps to attach and back fastening with hooks and eyes to add.

pic 20

The fabric i used was some vintage Japaneese silk I got at a car boot last summer. It is really beautiful and there is lots more for some matching pants and maybe a half slip. I love the softness of the colour, and it is really delicate to touch.

There is something really beautiful about lace edged bras, the fit works well for my body shape. I toiled it first in cotton to get the best fit. There are a few changes I could make, maybe using more modern fabrics with stretch on the back panels next time such as powernet and bra fastening.

But a beautiful first project for Frilly Bits for our Valentines launch!

Hoping you all got lots of cards and maybe a choclate or two.

Hannah x


Coming soon….lovely undies x

I had to share these beautiful slippers I made form an origional 1940′s pattern with you. I am so pleased with them and it has started me on a hand embroidery mission. I just love sitting and stitching.





I made them a little carry case for them to live in when they are not keeping my toes warm.

I am running a class to make these details over on my studio website Hannah and Bella

Here is the article that was written on my very first ‘Make your own Frilly Knickers’ class. I like to think i have used some of my fifteen minutes of fame with knickers!




I have been making pants all week. These are my Frillybits pants made from 1940′s silk with vintage lace and silk tulle ruffles across the back. See my others over on my Hannah and Bella website. x

Frilly Pants

August 4, 2009 | 1 Comment

I have been super busy recently but managed to make these delightful cotton frilly pants this weekend. I think there many be a few more to be made over the coming weeks.



I do love a good pair of pants x



As Part of Sherwood Arts week here in Nottingham, i have taken part in ‘Art in Shops’. A project where local artists display their work in reatilers windows.

I thought i would share it with you. For more photographs see my blog  Hannahandbella.typepad.com


Hello everyone, sorry the Frillybits girls took a vacation over Easter but Miss May is back to delight you. Miss Jackie Day has been itching to show you her selection of camisole tops, her top picks…


This is a 1940′s Butterick pattern, simple and elegant.




1940′s Vogue pattern with pin tucks and lace insertion.



A bit of an earlier camisole from 1901.

It’s been a bit of a struggle to find patterns and pictures so if you have any please so add to the Flickr pool.

Happy making, am off to the studio now to be at one with my sewing machine (that’s what bank holidays are for!…)

Hannah x